A wine bar in a beer factory – ironic, pragmatic or both?

Located in the former Bomonti brewery (Bomontiada), Delimonti offers all the şarküteri necessities. The place is big, but still intimate so it’s great for dates as well as large groups. The decor is made to feel like you are in something of a cellar. Don’t worry, it’s not as pretentious as it sounds. In fact, the designers behind Delimonti toed the line quite well. While the place at first appears to be a little formal, the dining room is actually centred around a big ol’ deli counter, where you can – should you chose to – pick and taste your own cheeses.

As for their menu, “sharing” is the name of the game here. Delimonti provides lists of regional goods from cheeses and cured meats to jams and noodles. There are so many choices, here, that it’s difficult to put one above the other. Especially when you’ve never even heard of some. It’s as though the team is challenging anyone who says, “I don’t like cheese.” There is something for everyone. If you are anything like us – flustered when you need to make a dining decision – try their cheese plate. Ours came with an assortment 5 different kinds of cheese with handmade hot pepper jam and a basket of a (great) assortment of bread. For the carnivores, Delimonti also has an assorted deli meat plate. The selections from their wood over is, also, delicious and ideal for sharing. If you are two people, a single wood tray serving of Somunu Kavurmalı (a combination of meat and cheeses roasted between a slice of flat bread) will suffice.

But our favourite part is their wine list. While there are many wines, mostly from major Turkish vineyards, unlike any other wine bar that we’ve been to, the prices are shockingly not outrageous. *Swoon*

If you are not familiar with wines or grapes, it might be a good idea to do your research ahead of time. The young men working, here, are not sommeliers. While they were kind and light hearted, they did not want to suggest any wine pairings. Maalesef. Maybe, this was too much to ask for, maybe our waiter was at the end of a very long shift. We’ll just have to go back and find out. Damn 🙂

Recommended Dishes:
Somunu Kavurmalı (a combination of meat and cheeses roasted between a slice of flat bread)
Tarhanalı Tavuk (regional specialty of dried yogurt covered chicken)
Kuzu Etli Enginar (lamb topped artichoke heart on a bed of fava bean pure served in a tagine)

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Delimonti – Bomontiada
(0212) 296 29 29
Merkez Mahallesi, Silahsör Sokak, Birahane Sokak, Tarihi Bomonti Bira Fabrikası No. 1
Şişli, İstanbul