Buradan Winery

Grape. Wine. It’s a beautiful thing. – Tina Lino, Buradan Winery

Probably the most poignant observation made during our travels. Tina Lino is one of the driving forces behind Buradan Winery. Like the name suggests, Buradan [meaning, from here] is about the local and the regional. Their first vintage was specifically marketed to the surrounding area and Turkey’s Aegean coastline. Ironically, their rosé was featured at critically acclaimed, drool-fest-guaranteed Momofuku Ko in New York City.

Buradan is also celebrating women. The wines are named after some of the women in owner Turgay Gümüş’ life (Şirin after his wife, Fidan for his mother).
“We are a project,” says Tina. Meaning, they are constantly striving to better their products and humbly accepting that some jobs are never done (thankfully). A very admirable perspective. Additionally, Tina and Sinan (pictured above) head up Vine Projects, a consultancy base that focuses on grape and wine production, vineyard and wineries, and – most notably – education. The winery is looking to give back; to create a curriculum for women looking to work in the field of everything wine from agronomy to tasting.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Tina and Sinan for a wonderful conversation of wine, vine, grapes, Turkey, food, and dogs.