Amadeus Winery

There is a freedom in white wine. – Oliver Gareis, Amadeus Wine

Of the wineries on Turkey’s Bozcaada , Amadeus might stick out the most (and in the best way). Sitting with Gareis at the winery’s Mozart Cafe, the founder/owner explained a little of the life behind Amadeus Winery. The story starts in Göztepe (a neighborhood in Istanbul’s Asian side) and Tuzla (once a seaside town, now enveloped by Istanbul’s city life), with a very small operation at the hands of Gareis’ father, Hermann. Over time the winemaking moved to the island and continued until 2011 when the family sold their first commercial bottle under the name we know today.

With Gareis’ Austrian background, he and his team bring a different (and very welcomed) perspective to white wine production in Turkey. From muskateller to zlahtina to grillo these whites are multidimensional and layered. It’s obvious that the hands behind these wines have the utmost respect for white wine. That said, don’t skip on the reds! They are also there to impress.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to sit down with Oliver, his father Hermann bey, and the rest of the team (especially those who rescued a lowly mobile phone from the back of a Bozcaada taxi). Thank you, again.