Antre Gourmet

Lovers of all things cheesy, rejoice! Antre Gourmet may be tiny, but there is a Turkish/Anatolian regional specialty to discover in every corner of their 40 squared meters  – and most of the time, it’s cheese.

If you are serious about your cheeses, Antre Gourmet will not fail you. You’ll also want to reserve a good 30 minutes to spend time talking to the staff behind the counter while they let you taste..everything. They carry some imported cheese, but pride is placed on regional ingredients and tastes. So, instead of opting for that imported Edam, try their different kinds of Kars Gravyeri (similar to Gruyère cheese, but in no way a replacement). They also carry goat- and sheep-milk cheeses, which are just as varied, from the smooth to the pungent tasting. Try their Keçi Toros Peyniri, a surprisingly subtle goat cheese from the Taurus Mountains.

While cheese is their game, the olives and jams are also pretty great. And you will see for yourself, too – presuming that the staff is making you taste them while you are talking.

…If you do not have 30 minutes to spare, however, you can get their bites to-go. They make GIANT sandwiches that you can fill with any of their deli cuts and with homemade condiments as well. Roast beef, black olives and mihaliç is a particularly nice combination. If you are looking for a budget lunch (and it can be difficult in Cihangir), this is the place.

Finally, and this might arguably the best part, they cater. I mean they will deliver baskets of cheeses to any event your hosting. Or to your door. And, let’s be honest, does it get better than that?

***note: We have always been told that their meze menu is just as good as their cheese’s. However, rarely have we seen them on display. It is worth asking the team behind the counter for the freshest options.

Antre Gourmet
Kılıçali Paşa Mahallesi, Akarsu Caddesi No 40/A, Beyoğlu, İstanbul