Kastro Tireli

It seems that everything at Kastro Tireli including its name was constructed to pay tribute to the land: the region of  Akhisar.Kastro Tireli

The name ‘Tireli’ refers to the original family who owned the land on which this Kastro (castle) sits. The Winery’s griffon logo was borrowed from some of the early coins found in the area. But it’s the wine that (continuously) pays its respect to the land. Winemaker Işık Gulcubuk (pictured at the end) explained that from the vineyard to the glass the winery practices minimal intervention. The vineyard is free of insecticide. And the wine ferments beautifully from wild yeast.
Kastro TireliIf you are in the neighborhood, stop by. The winery is setting up a guest house and a restaurant! You can also find their wines and their olive oil products at their Istanbul branch in Kuruçeşme.


Işık, thank you so much for your time, your words, and great wine!


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