ADA Public House

Ada Public House officially opened in Kurtuluş in December 2017 serving up some pretty good coffee. Last month they started serving beer.DSC_2555

I’ve mentioned several times of Kurtuluş’s growing – now grown – popularity. The neighborhood is happy to boast pizza bakers, coffee roasters, and vegan sweet pushers. Following in wonderful suite behind these trend setters, Ada opened their doors

ADA Public House is the result of years of thinking, research, and talking about opening a small joint. Mesut Can, one of the four, explains they wanted to open something small, intimate, and warm. And they succeeded. ADA is so small that it quite literally hangs over unto the street. Indeed, the bar/cafe unveils itself as casual watering hole; a casual place to grab a drink; a great pub. More than that, unlike so many pubs across the globe, Ada also prides itself on its coffee.

ADA Public House

They are still young, and I believe are still fleshing out their menu. While there are a couple of snacks on the menu, if you enjoy a meal with your drink, look elsewhere. Nachos, bar nuts, and the like are what you will find here. The same should be said to wine lovers as well. You will not find an extensive selection of wine here. Purely conglomerate-like wineries. But as I said, ADA is young. And, we are looking forward to great things that will be on offer in the future.

While they may be a new addition to the neighborhood (and this very popular street), they are doing a great job fitting in. The name itself, ada, means island. At the same time the long blocks of the Kurtuluş neighborhood are called ada – starting from Ergenekon street these blocks are referred to at first, second, and third.

Bozkurt Mahallesi, Bilezikçi Sk. 58/b,
Şişli, İstanbul
t: (0212) 974 19 88

ADA Public House

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