Büyükada Şekercisi

This şekerci (literally, sugar man) is everything that one would imagine a candy-shop should be: white picket fence, bright but happy colours, and hanging decorations. There is room for a couple of tables outdoors.

You’ll find excellent candies and sweets, along with some breakfast choices as well. However, the great thing about this place is its context. During the tourist seasons (and they are intense), Büyükada can get somewhat malarial due to the sheer amount of visitors wandering around aimlessly..and oh so slowly (I know, I’ve done it too). So instead of avoiding the cat-like calls of the Maitre d’s along the shore, head inland.

But even those who do not have an affinity for the sweet, this sugar-shop serves up a breakfast for two along with some great sandwiches. Alternatively, on hot summer days take a break from the sun with their lemonade or their third-wave style coffees poured over ice.

Next time you find yourself on the island, skip the neon lit restaurants along the shore and walk past the vendors shouting, “Ice cream! Ice cream!” And, head over to this sugar shack.

Büyükada Şekercisi
(0534) 725 87 67
Maden Mahallesi, Özdemir Sokak No. 8
Adalar, İstanbul